Coombewood Fishery Rules

  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence.

  • Please respect fellow guests & the surrounding nature & land.

  • No excessive consumption of alcohol & anti-social behaviour.

  • No guns, radios or excessive noise.

  • Please use the toilets provided.  Do not use the woods.

  • No litter or discarded line - Please take it home.

  • Please park sensibly in the designated areas. Only disabled badge
    holders are allowed to park at their peg on the front lake.

  • Anglers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or over.

  • No dogs allowed. (except support dogs)

  • BBQ'S are permitted but must be raised & up off of the ground.

  • No swimming.



The management accepts no responsibility for injury, death, loss, damage 
or theft to persons, vehicles or property, whilst on the Fishery grounds.

Fishing rules

  • All fish must be returned to the same lake from which they were caught.

  • Barbless hooks preferred but micro-barbed are allowed with
    extreme care.

  • Anglers must have a suitable sized landing net, weigh sling & 
    unhooking mat.  They must be dry upon arrival & dipped in the
    disinfectant tanks provided.  

    A limited supply of landing nets & unhooking mats are available to hire.  
    (Please ask a member of staff).

  • No keep nets.  (Fishery supplied nets only be used in matches).

  • No carp sacks.

  • No bait boats.

  • Fishing from designated swims only.  No stalking.

  • Never leave rods or poles unattended.

  • Maximum of 2 rods per swim on all lakes.

  • No braided main lines, lead core, fixed leads or fixed feeders to be used.

  • Please do not cast more than half way when opposite another angler.

  • Care is to be taken when playing, unhooking, weighing, photographing
    & returning fish.

  • Fish to be held below knee height and must be returned to the water as soon as possible.

Bait Restrictions

  • Groundbait is only to be introduced by feeder or pole cup.

  • No nuts of any kind.

  • Particle baits are allowed but must be correctly prepared.

  • Please feed responsibly.

Failure to observe these rules may result in a ban from the Fishery.​